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Grading: Grading is done on a percentage system.  This system has three separate components and a final project.

1. Performances 40%

2. Lessons/Smartmusic 30%

3. Class Participation 30%

Numbers of performances vary for every six weeks and semester with major performances being weighted differently than pep band games.

Each student will receive a lesson for 3 weeks during marching season starting the week of Sept. 10th and going to September 28th with playing tests the week of Sept 24th and October 1st.  There will be a make-up week during the week of October 8th.  Starting on October 15th lessons will alternate weeks for Freshmen.  All other students will sign up and are expected to get in for two lessons minimum every six weeks as well as all playing tests.   A “make-up” lesson week will always be built into the semester along with 2 weeks to complete playing exams.the student may either make it up in person or record it and email it.  If a lesson is missed it is the students’ responsibility to make up that lesson and notify Mr. Kent of when and or how they will be doing that.  

SCHS requires there to be a final project given in each class and band is no exception.  The band project/test is worth 10% of the semester grade.

  Being scheduled to work is not an acceptable excuse.  I am providing a calendar for the entire year to help avoid any conflicts and during BASKETBALL SEASON ONLY a student may miss 2 pep band games for any reason.  Students must show up on time for all events unless prearranged with me.  A student will lose 10% of their grade for every 5 minutes they are late.  For example; 1-5 minutes late 10% 6-10 minutes 20% etc…  Also, if a student is simultaneously involved in another school sponsored activity they will not be penalized in any way for missing a pep band or rehearsal.  If an extra copy is needed for employers I will gladly provide the student with one.  kentc@shawanoschools.comPerformances:  The performances that the band has throughout the year are like the tests students take in other classes.  The difference is that we generally have fewer performances (tests) than other classes.  Also, performances are not generally individual events; we need everyone at the performances to be the best we can be.  Obviously, sometimes it is impossible for the student to be at a performance because of a family emergency, illness, family vacation or other excused event.  These “tests” can be “made up” by the student completing an alternate assignment if necessary please e-mail me or send a signed note at least 1 week in advance of any pre-planned absences. Band is a team activity and the band needs everyone!!

Lessons/Smartmusic Assignments/Playing Tests:  This material is the homework for this class.  This homework must be done just like in any other class to receive a good grade.  Please follow the syllabus and keep track of your points.  All students will receive an access code for Smartmusic so they can use the program at home on any device (the app/program is free).  Students may also do their Smartmusic assignments at school using an iPad or Chrome Book in the band room or they may check one out overnight. Parents, if the instrument does not come home and/or you do not hear your student practicing there is something wrong!  The students will always have something they should be practicing.  I cannot stress enough how important lessons are to not only the student’s grade but to their success in band!  

Class Participation:  Students will start with 100 points every 6 week grading period for participating in class.  Students will lose 10 points for every unexcused absence.  Students will also lose three points if they are tardy or unprepared (missing instrument/music/pencil).   Part or all the points may also be lost for disruptive behavior and or lack of preparation. Class participation points are kept by being on time for class, being prepared with your instrument and music and having your music prepared.  If you show up to band and you have not practiced your individual part it is like not turning in your homework for that day.  Your homework for this class is to practice outside of class time.  This is a basic expectation for the class!!

Final Project:  The final project will come at the end of the semester and will be part playing, part written and part demonstration.  The students will learn material in their lessons, class and on Smartmusic.  The exam is 10% of their grade.