Boys' Soccer Program Policies & Expectations

Shawano Soccer Team Guidelines

Athletes are expected to do the following:


1.  Follow all rules listed in the WIAA handbook.

2.  Follow all rules listed within this document.

3.  Follow all rules stated in the Activities Code.



1.  Dressed and ready for practice on time, no street clothes for practice. 

2.  Attend all practices and games even if they are not participating.

3.  Absences from games or practice require a written excuse, email, text or phone call from a parent. 3 unexcused absences may result in dismissal from the team. 

4.  Practice times are typically from 4:00 PM until about 6:00 PM during school days.  Note that practice times are flexible and may be changed due to weather conditions.

5.  Athletes must use the mode of transportation provided by the school.  An athlete who travels to a site with the soccer team must return with the team.  The only exception to this rule would be with the permission from the building principal or the Activities Director for unusual circumstances.  This request must be in writing and signed by the Principal or Activities Director and given to the coach prior to leaving on the trip.  In case of an emergency the coach can release the athlete to a parent at the site on a verbal request from the parent.



Passion- Demonstrating a true love for the sport.

  • We value having pride in who we are and what we represent. 

  • We value having confidence in ourselves and in each other. 

  • We value our commitment to excellence with a positive energy.

Respect- Treating other the way you'd like to be treated. 

  • We value showing others how important, vlued, and appreciated they are.

  • We value winning with humility and losing with grace. 

  • We value meaningful relationships build on trust, support, and selflessness. 

  • We value leaving our facilties (locker room, bus, practice/game venues) in better condition than we found them. 

Integrity- Doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do. 

  • We value positive behaviors on our teams, in our school, and in our community. 

  • We value leading by setting a positive example. 

  • We value good sportmanship. 

  • We value being on time. 

Dedication- Putting in the tough work necessary to achieve success. 

  • We value proper physical and mental preparation. 

  • We value selflessness by putting the team before "me". 

  • We value discipline, and especially self-discipline. 

  • We value strength and conditioning both in season and out-of-season. 

Excellence- Always striving to do better. 

  • We value winning, but not at the cost of sacrificing character. 

  • we value winning the right way. 

  • We value being accountable, and holding our teammates accountable. 



1.  The loss or damage to the uniforms will result in paying full replacement cost or a fine.  Any uniforms that are issued to the player should be the uniform that the player returns at the end of the season.  Note that some items are not issued right at the beginning of the season. 

2.  Uniforms should be turned in to the coach within one week of the completion of the last game or practice.  Failure to turn in any part of a uniform may result in loss of any award and/or a fine.

3.  Uniforms should be cleaned and in satisfactory condition when they are returned.  If you have any initial problems with the uniform please let me know about it as soon as possible.

4.  Dress for game days: home games athletes will wear dress pants with a shirt and tie, away games athletes will wear their travel suits. 



1.  Athletes must have 5 practices before playing in any games.

2.  Grades will be checked periodically for eligibility.

3.  Playing time will be determined by the coach.  Failure to comply with any part of these rules will be handled with loss of playing time at the coach’s discretion.

4.  In order to play in a varsity game each player must perform 25+ juggles in front of the coaching staff. 


I look forward to a great season. Go Hawks!