Boys' Tennis Program Policies & Expectations

Tennis Expectations 

The Team Rule:

Always conduct yourself in a way that will make yourself and those around you proud of your choices and actions.


I must have your permit to practice form and emergency card before you are allowed to practice. 

 Playing Time

-All players must have at least four practices in before they are allowed to participate in any matches.

-Unexcused missed practices result in missing the next scheduled match for that individual.

-Excused absences must be communicated ahead of time.  Whether or not a position is lost depends on the length of the absence.  It is the coach’s discretion to assign a player position.

-Varsity and JV will be determined by inter squad competitions and the discretion of the coaching staff.

 Match Days

-Players are expected at the courts 30 minutes before the start of a HOME match.  For away matches please be ready at the scheduled pick-up time.  The bus will pick us up by the pool doors.

-ALL players are expected to stay for all matches.  Support and encourage your teammates when you are not playing.  If there are circumstances beyond a player’s control that can be communicated with the coach.

 Away Matches

-Always bring water/sports drink and a nutritious snack to all matches.

-After most away matches we will stop for something to eat so bring money if you would like to get some food.

-You MUST ride the bus to and from away matches unless paperwork has been completed ahead of time and signed by the Athletic Director or Principal.  The paperwork must be handed to the coach before leaving for the match.


 Earning a Varsity Letter

-Compete in 4 varsity matches

-Finish the season in good standing with the team (no athletic code violations, no skipped practices, positive member of the team.)

-Seniors who participated in at least 3 years of tennis but fall short of the match requirement.  Seniors who are positive contributors to the team will be to the coaches discretion.

 Player Conduct/Sportsmanship 

-All tennis players are expected to be polite and honest.

-No foul language is allowed.

-No throwing of your racquet.

-Always shake hands with your opponent following a match.

-Players who do not show proper conduct will be suspended from the next match.

What you will need for practice:

-Proper shoes and attire.  Clothing must be non revealing.  Attire may include shorts, skirt with spandex or skort; tank top, sleeveless or racer back tops; pants must be athletic in nature and not see through.

-Shoes should be a multi directional shoe.  Tennis specific is best because the outer sole is designed for court surfaces.  A training shoe would also be a good choice.  Running, volleyball and basketball shoes are not ideal.

-A large beach towel for warmups and training.

-A small hand towel or similar to act as a sweat towel for grips, hands and forehead.

-At least 4 bottles of water.  Gatorade or similar sports drinks are best for after practice.

-A tennis racquet or two.

-Not your Cell phone:  Phones will be kept in players’ bags.  They can be used before and after practice.  If there is an emergency situation please inform the coach for the best course of action.

What you will need for matches:

-Tennis equipment

-Uniform - All items must follow WIAA regulations. (Examples will be given)

-At least 4 bottles of water (16 oz bottles)

-Your homework

-Something to sit on like a blanket or beach towel

-A sweat towel

-A light snack

Adverse Weather Plan:

If the courts are wet we will take every measure to clear the water and get them to dry in order to be safe.

  • Before the start of the school year

    • Look to the Facebook “Shawano HS Tennis” page for an update

    • If before practice then an alternate meeting location will be posted on the facebook page.

    • If during practice a pick up destination will be posted on the facebook site.  

  • During the school year

    • Listen for announcements at the end of the day and check the facebook page for alternate practice location.

    • Parents should check the facebook site for alternate location or rely on your child to let you know where they are.

  • Sudden Severe Weather - pop up thunderstorms, severe weather watch

    • If thunder is heard we will evacuate the courts to cars or to the middle school (when it opens).

    • Transport to the high school from fellow team mates may be needed.  If there are issues with this please let the coach know.

Emergency Injury Plan:

  1. Coach will assess the injury and decide whether or not a parent should be notified to pick up the player or an ambulance should be called.

  2. When parent is called they will have the choice of an ambulance if the injury is non life threatening.

  3. If the player can be moved safely then they will be moved to a safe area and practice will resume.  If the player cannot be moved safely then practice will move to another area.


  • If you are injured during practice let the head coach know so basic first aid can be administered.

  • If injured please find time to see the athletic trainer for evaluation and treatment.

  • If your injury requires you to go to the doctor then you must bring back a medical clearance in order to continue with practice.

  • All concussion protocols will be followed according to WIAA expectations.

  • All heat related issues will be followed according to WIAA recommendations.