SCHS Boys' and Girls' Cross-Country

2020 Girls' Cross-Country Team

2020 Girls' Cross-Country Team

2020 Boys' Cross-Country Team

2020 Boys' Cross-Country Team


Athletes who plan to play in the 2020-21 season need a Permit to Practice card before they will be allowed to begin practicing. To receive a Permit to Practice card, the athlete must complete all of the requirements for participation. For a complete list of requirements, review the 2020-21 Sports Eligibility Checklist.

  • Athletic fees are waived for 2020-21.

  • Visit the Documents and Forms page for a complete list of printable forms.

  • The Emergency Medical Form is not printable and is available in the HS Office.

  • Athletes and parents must watch the 2020-21 Co-Curricular Code Video.

  • If you have any questions related to eligibility, contact Jane Peterson at 715-526-2175, ext. 8107.

2021-22 Schedules

  • 2021-22 Meet Schedule (TBA)

  • 2021-22 JV1 Schedule (TBA)

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Cross-Country Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Steve Stomberg (

Assistant Coach:  Luke Wojta (

Athletic Performance Director: Alan Tomow (

Athletic Trainers: Benjamin Charles ( and Robert Long (

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2020 Year in Review Video

If this is your first year out or a returning runner, welcome to a sport at Shawano High School that has a great deal of pride, honor and respect.  Throughout the history of Cross Country at Shawano there have been many individuals and teams that have achieved success and recognition for their hard work and dedication.  By joining our team, you are now going to be part of the long tradition of Shawano Cross Country and help pave the way for the future. 


Cross Country is a team running sport that takes place in the fall on a measured 5 kilometer (3.1 mile) loop over varied surfaces and terrain.  Most cross-country meets are held on dirt trails, side walks, park grounds, and golf courses.  Some meets are more spectator friendly and you are able to see the runners at different spots during the race.  Other meets are difficult and you may only see them at the beginning and when they cross the finish line.  Try to obtain a course map and mark out possible spots for viewing.  If you need assistance with this please, contact the coaches and they can assist you with this. 


 For those of you that are new to a cross country, it is scored by each team adding up the places of its top 5 finishers.  As in golf, the low score wins.  For example, a team that scores 26 points places ahead of a team that scores 29 points, as follows: