Girls' Golf Program Policies & Expectations

Policies and Procedures



1.  All school and athletic code rules apply.

2.  It is important to understand that you represent the school and community in everything that you do on and off the course.  It is the coach's responsibility to see that all athletes take this seriously, and represent us in a positive light.

3.  Our focus will be to make you a better player, teammate, and person.  While golf is a competitive sport, winning will always come after those things.

4.  Because we have no officials, we officiate ourselves.  That means honesty and integrity are prerequisites to participating in golf.  Cheating is not tolerated, and will mean not participating in meets.

5.  Understand the commitment it means to be on a team.  We rely on each other to show up for practice and meets.  We rely on each other to give their best efforts.  We rely on each other to be there for each other in every way possible.  A team is only as good as the sacrifice the athletes are willing to give.

6.  Communicate -  you need to tell me if there is a problem, or if something is on your mind.  I will work with you to get anything solved, but I can't unless I know about it.

7.  Be on time.  Practices are pretty flexible, but we will start with or without you.  Remember we rely on each other, and it is just respectful to each other to be there when we start.



1.  Summer practices start at 9:00 am and end at least by 11:00 am - you can stay longer if you want.

2.  Bring clubs and dress appropriately:

            a.  If you need clubs, let me know, we can try to help you with something.

            b.  Dress for practice is nice shorts, skirt, or pants (no jeans).  No short shorts.

            c.  Shirts - Collared shirt is preferable, but nice t-shirts are OK.  No halters, etc...

3.  Always notify me ahead of time if you have to miss practice.  If you don't reach me call a teammate.

4.  For meets you will need a team shirt - which will be available on the Home Team website soon.

5.  We will meet at the bus company for all away meets -- I drive the van.

6.  The schedule is on the school website, but I will hand out a paper copy at practice.

7.  In order to letter, you need to be in good standing on the team, and play in at least half varsity meets.

8.  You will need to provide transportation to all practices, so looks into car-pooling if possible.

9.  When school starts, there is a bus that goes to the course - talk to me about which one.

10.  Have fun, and we'll see you soon.