Grading:     Grading is done on a percentage system.  This system has four separate components, which are;     

          1. Performances 40%

          2. Class Participation 30%

         3. Playing Tests/Smartmusic 30%

Numbers of performances vary for every six weeks and semester so the points will be divided, with major concerts being weighted differently.

Class Participation:

 Students will start with 100 points every 6 week grading period for participating in class.  Students will lose 10 points for every unexcused absence.  Students will also lose three points if they are tardy or unprepared (missing instrument/music).   Part or all the points may also be lost for disruptive behavior and or lack of preparation.  Class participation points are kept by being on time for class, being prepared with your instrument and music and having your music prepared.  If you show up to jazz band and you have not practiced your individual part it is like not turning in your homework for that day.  Your homework for this class is to practice outside of class time, practicing is not what happens during class time, especially since the music is distributed with only one on a part.  This is a basic expectation for the class!!

SCHS requires there to be a final exam given in each class and jazz band is no exception.  The jazz final is worth 10% of the semester grade.

Performances:  The performances that the band has throughout the year are like the tests students take in other classes.  The difference is that we generally have fewer performances (tests) than other classes.  Also, performances are not generally individual events; we need everyone at the performances to be the best we can be.  Obviously sometimes it is impossible for the student to be at a performance because of a family emergency, illness, family vacation or other excused event.  These “tests” can be “made up” by the student completing an alternate assignment if absolutely necessary.  Being scheduled to work is not an acceptable excuse.  I am providing a calendar for the entire year to help avoid any conflicts but please try to be flexible.  There are “gigs” that will pop up and or be changed or cancelled. If an extra copy is needed for employers I will gladly provide the student with one.  Jazz band is a team activity and the band needs everyone!!

Playing Tests:  There will be playing tests assigned from the music we are currently working on or etudes and some will be in Smartmusic.