Mr. Zwirschitz


Good afternoon,

We are three weeks into the school year.  Time sure goes fast.  Here are a few updates:

1.  The students have done well adjusting to the technology changes this year.  For the most part, the roll-out has gone smoothly.  There have been a few glitches, but with the amount of changes we have made, I feel we have been doing very well.

2.  This past Saturday we held our cross country invite and volleyball invite.  Together, over 30 different schools were on site for the competitions.  The parking lots were full with buses and spectators.  It was a great day.

3.  Homecoming is next week and we have different events take place throughout the week.  On Friday, September 24th, we have a day filled with events/activities for the students to participate in.  The community parade takes place at 6:00 PM on the 24th and is held on Main Street starting at the Elizabeth Street intersection. On Saturday, the football game takes place at 1:00 PM, and the dance at 8:00 PM.   Dance tickets are not sold at the door and must be purchased in the office before the end of the day on the 24th.  Also, if a student is bringing someone who is not a Shawano student, a guest pass must be completed prior to the end of the school day on Wednesday, September 22nd.  Also, the dance is considered semi-formal, which means we do not allow jeans, tennis shoes, or t-shirts.  If a student is in need of assistance to meet the dress expectations, please reach out to the student services department.

4.  We have a program that runs in our building called Upward Bound.  We will be holding a meeting with students on October 8th during enhancement.  Here is information on the group:

Upward Bound is a free program to help students explore college options and build strong foundations for college success.  The program includes campus tours, job shadows, leadership events, and much more!  We will be holding an information meeting during enhancement on Friday Oct 8th.  Come grab a snack and learn about this awesome opportunity. Already know you are interested?  Applications are located in the student services office.  OR… follow the QR code (see attachment) to an on-line application link.  Have questions in the meantime? Reach out to us at

There are entrance requirements, but if a student is interested in the finding out more information, please talk to them about attending the informational meeting.  The will sign up for the meeting using FlexiSched.  The students will know what that means.

5.  Please continue to monitor your students for possible Covid symptoms.  We do have students who are staying home if they have symptoms, which we appreciate.  Please see the attached document for information on the symptoms.  

6.  The 9th, 10th, and 11th graders took the STAR test on Monday and Tuesday.   The STAR test is web-based and the students take it three times each year.  We use this to see how the students are progressing throughout the school year.  We will issue the results directly to the students.  I will let you know when those are being handed out.

Thank you.

Mr. Zwirschitz


Upward Bound East - 2021.png