Softball Program Policies and Expectations

Policies and Expectations

I.  Coaching Philosophy 

  1. Have fun!!  This is why you play and we coach.

  2. Take pride in doing the little things right every day- fundamentals win.

  3. Open door policy: we will always let you as a player know where you stand.  Discuss issues with us rather than complaining to teammates.

  4. There is no such thing as set starters- you compete every day for playing time.


II.  Parent Reminders

  1. We will not discuss team and playing issues with parents unless we have talked the player first.  I feel this is part of their transition to adulthood.

  2. Coaches  make decisions based on what is best for the team.  This may not be best for your daughter. Please remember that as a parent.

  3. Parents  tend to base their evaluation of the team and coaches on a 90 minute game.  We as coaches evaluate the team based on literally hundreds of hours of practice.  Remember that when you start critiquing us or the team. I would not dream of coming to your work and telling you how to do your job.

  4. Stay positive in your comments.  How would you like your daughter treated?  Do the same for others.


III. Player Expectations

  1. Always bring your best effort to games and practice every day. It does not take talent to give great effort.Take pride in being excellent, not average.  

  2. Practice the 3 R’s to keep a great attitude: Recognize your attitude, Release the stress, Refocus on the team.  Believe in our ability to overcome obstacles. 

  3.  Physical errors happen. Mental errors are lack of concentration and preparation.   Don’t accept mental mistakes from yourself. It is not okay. Learn from them and improve.

  4. TEAM FIRST! Win together- lose together.  No one play has ever won or lost a game. Pick each other up and let the coaches do the critiquing.  

  5. Be a teammate we can trust!  Don’t be a distraction on or off the field for your team by skipping, swearing, being sent to BIC, being tardy, etc. Don’t embarrass your teammates or your coaches.

  6. Respect and listen to coaches at all times on the field. Be honest, direct  and upfront with both your coaches and your teammates. It is a great trait to carry into life If you disagree talk to the coach after the game.  

  7. You stay on the bench/dugout the entire game.  Friends and parents are not to be near the bench talking to you. They can talk to you after the game.

  8. Academics-- keep your grades up and stay eligible! Respect your teachers.

  9. Must be in school on game day or you cannot play.  Be in school on time the next day. Being continually late for school tells a coach you need more rest so you will sit during the game.

  10. Be sure to use social media responsibly!!! Keep things positive 


This is how the athletic code defines using technology in a way that leads to being suspended:

  “ Using these communication tools in an inappropriate manner can have negative consequences, especially if unkind words or threats are used with intent to hurt others.”


IV.  Evaluating players:  Here is what we look at: 

  1. Attitude and effort: how well you listen and work to improve, committment

  2. Athletic ability and skills

  3. Knowledge of the game 


V.   Lettering

  1. You must suit up for 2 of the  regular season Varsity games. Tournaments count as one game.

  2. Coach’s discretion




Our coaching staff will be using a point system to maintain the integrity of our players and to insure our players are making the commitment it takes to maintain a successful program.  Each player will start with 8 points. If infractions occur, the player loses points. We feel this concept gives an unbiased form of discipline and is extremely fair to every player in the program.  Players cannot earn points back.



      1 pt   Missing practice unless required school event.

      1 pt   Arriving to practice late unless at required school event or tutoring from teacher.

      1 pt   Inappropriate behavior (skipping, cheating, disrespect to teachers,               

                 swearing, etc)   If player does not self report this is 2                            


      1 pt   Detention or BIC at coaches discretion.  2 points if player does not self report.

      3pts   School suspension.

      3 pts  Athletic violation- includes coming into season with suspension!! If player    

                does not self report it is 5 points.

      1 Game suspension and one point: missing game for non graded event 


The following point deductions will be determined based on circumstances:

  •  Missing practice for any reason other than doctor excused or family funeral, or     required school event. Player must let coach know they are missing by contacting coach via email or phone message. 

  •  Insubordination to coach. (not following requests, backtalk, disrespect, lying)

  • Negative remarks or negative attitude towards others (including social media), complaints about playing time without talking to coach, pouting.

  •   Game or bench misconduct (unsportsmanlike towards opponent, fan, coach or 




      8    Player is outstanding and we are a stronger team.

      7    Player runs 6 poles.

      6    Player  runs 12 poles after practice.

      5    Player runs 18 poles after practice.

      4    Team runs 5 poles and player runs 10  and justify to coach why you should be 

           allowed on the team

      3   1 game suspension  out of uniform and on bench.

2    2 game suspension, no travel and no practice until suspension served.

  1. 4 game suspension: no travel and no practice until suspension is served

      0    Dismissed from team


Any athletic code violation of any type served during the season omits the player from any All Conference consideration or team awards.



Each player is granted 1 “free day” at the beginning of the season to be excused from practice only  with no penalty.   

  •  Players are required to notify coaches at least one day in advance of using the “free day” and 2 days notice is preferred.  This allows coaches to plan and communicate important information to player. 

  •  Coach has the right to deny the request based on team needs; important practice, too many players gone.

  • The “free day” is not intended to be used the day before a competition, game day or during Playoff time.




  1. An individual cannot earn points back.  

    1. Only doctors excuses, family funerals, getting help with teacher or required school events are exempt from deductions.

    2. If a player is sick and misses consecutive school days without a doctor’s excuse, it is only a 1 point deduction.

    3. Final decisions on points lost or gained are determined by coaches.  Player 

      always has the right to discuss this with the coach.

  2. Players need to pay attention to the importance of self reporting.

    1. If your drop more than one point due to an infraction, you must do the penalties for all the steps in between.

    2. Players have the responsibility of clearing things with their coach and 

      getting clarification on any questions.

These are the things we need you to commit to and believe in if we are going to continue our winning tradition.   Let’s make sure we have the right attitude and mindset to have another successful year.  See your practice schedule for practice times and dates. Included is a schedule in case of rain.  When in doubt, check with your coach. Parents, if you have any questions or concerns about our policy or philosophy please contact me at school or at home (853-7623).  Thank you for your support and I hope to see you at the diamonds.

Coach Brian Johnson and staff

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