Tryout Info

First practice is set for August 19th.  All necessary paperwork must be turned in to the HS office in order to be eligible to practice.  Athletes must give coach "Permit to Practice" form to be eligible to participate in practice.  This is obtained after you turn all your paper work into Jane in the office.  MANDATORY parent meeting is scheduled for August 22nd, 6:00 p.m. in the high school library.  


The typical cross country meet includes separate races for varsity and junior varsity athletes:

Girls’ Varsity

Boys’ Varsity

Girls’ Junior Varsity

Boys’ Junior Varsity

Varsity races are limited to 8 entrants per team, while junior varsity races allow unlimited numbers of entrants per team.  At the sectional and state meet, only 7 entrants are allowed per team.  In cross-country there is no “bench” and each athlete has the opportunity to compete in every meet.



There is no formal cutting policy in the cross country program.  No athlete is cut from the team based on his or her natural talent or current skill level.  Athletes must be committed to cross country, attend practice every day, adhere to workout plans, and participate in meets.  The only reason an athlete would be asked to leave the team would be for a disciplinary problem.  


The initial makeup of the varsity team is determined by the coaches with consideration given to condition at the beginning of the season, individual mile times, participation, cooperation and attitude during practices.  Up to 8 boys and girls can be selected to run on the varsity team with a minimum of 5.  The composition of the varsity team is adjusted throughout the season to reflect a combination of: most recent race performance, consistency of race performances, health, injury, eligibility status, attitude and quality of performance at practice.