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The Ten Steps to a Successful Try-Out

  1. Personally set a goal to be the first one in the gym before every practice or game. - Coaches love it when their players get in the gym early, and no coach is impressed by those who straggle in “just on time” or a few minutes late.

  2. Always volunteer to help set up the nets or sweep the floor. If these tasks are done, start warming up early. - Your coach has many important jobs to take care of every day for your team. Donut make them waste time doing things you can do for them - they will greatly appreciate it!

  3. Always greet your coach with a cheerful smile. - Doesn't it give you a good feeling when you are welcomed pleasantly? Your coach is no different. “Treat others as you want them to treat you.

  4. Always run everywhere in the gym during practice. When the team is called together, set a goal to be the first one over to the coach each time. - All coaches love hustle and enthusiasm and hate the opposite.

  5. Always look directly at your coach when they are speaking. - This shows respect and an eagerness to listen, learn, and cooperate.

  6. Never talk when your coach is speaking. - This is very disrespectful and no one enjoys being “dissed.” Besides, how can you possibly be listening if you are talking yourself?

  7. Make every effort to do what the coach is asking for at all times. - That is all any coach expects of their players- to do their best.

  8. Never question the correctness of your coach’s instructions or strategy in front of others. - This is usually viewed as being disrespectful and puts your coach on the defensive in front of everyone. Nothing good can come of this.

  9. If you do have a question, respectfully ask the coach one-on-one during a break or after practice. - You will get a much better response to your inquiry and your approach to the situation will be appreciated.

  10. Learn what your coach likes to talk about besides volleyball and make an effort to chat a little when appropriate. - Everyone likes it when others show an interest in what they enjoy