Athletic Eligibility Forms and Information

Printable Packet that Includes All Eligibility Information and Required Forms (All forms in this packet must be completed and taken to the school office prior to the first practice.)

WIAA Physical Form (Take to your doctor for your doctor to complete. A physical is valid for two years.)

Physical Alternate Year Card (This card is required in the second year of a physical.)

ThedaCare Disclosure Form

ABCs of Concussions - Student Copy

ABCs of Concussions - Parent Copy

Concussion Acknowledgement Form

Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability Relating to Coronavirus/COVID-19

Student/Parent Transportation Waiver

Return to Play After a COVID-19 Infection

Our knowledge of COVID-19 infections is rapidly changing.  New studies are indicating potential complications associated with even mild cases of COVID-19.  Some of these complications include damage to the heart and lungs, even in younger populations.

When returning to (or beginning) school sponsored athletic participation after a COVID-19 infection, students must complete the following process:

  1. Student and parents review and sign the Return to Play After COVID-19 Infection Information and Waiver form to become familiar with and acknowledge the potential complications and warning signs.  The signed waiver form must be returned to the Athletic Director (Joel Wondra at SCHS, Beth Bartz at SCMS) before the student will be allowed to resume team activities.  The Athletic Director will notify the coach(es) and Athletic Trainers that the athlete has been cleared to return to practice.

  2. When returning to play, student athletes will follow a prescribed return to play plan dependent on the severity of their symptoms while infected.

    • A school nurse will work with the athlete and family to determine the severity of the symptoms.

      • Students who are asymptomatic or experience mild symptoms will return to practice with a gradual increase in workout intensity over at least three separate days of practice before he/she will be permitted to return to competition.

      • Students who experience moderate or severe symptoms will be required to have medical clearance from a medical professional (MD, DO, PA, NP or Health Department) before they will be permitted to return to team activities.  Upon return to play with clearance from a medical professional, the athletes will complete a gradual increase in workout intensity over at least three separate days of practice before he/she will be permitted to return to competition. 

        • Here is a sample form provided by the WIAA that could be used by the medical professional to convey the athlete has been cleared to return to play.

Other key understandings of this plan include:

  • This practice applies to all students in grades 5-12 who participate in district sponsored co-curricular athletic programs.

  • This waiver and gradual return to play only applies to students returning to play after 12/15/20.  It does not apply to students who have previously returned to play after a COVID infection.

  • This waiver and gradual return to play applies only to those students who have experienced a COVID infection.  Students who are in quarantine because they were identified as a close contact to an individual with COVID are not required to complete the waiver and can return to full participation as soon as they complete the quarantine period if they remain asymptomatic.

If you have any questions about this plan, please contact Joel Wondra at 715-526-2175, ext. 8103, or school nurse Heather Demerath at ext. 8208.