Greetings!  Welcome to the Shawano School District web page. On behalf of everyone at the Shawano School District, thank you for your interest in our school system. I ask that you take some time and explore our website.

The Shawano School District’s mission is to develop citizens who contribute to a global society through an individualized and lifelong learning partnership with the family, school and community.

The Shawano School District provides a high quality well-rounded education designed to help every student discover, develop and flourish. Besides our outstanding general classes, the district also provides opportunities in technical education, art, music, and physical education to support a comprehensive educational program. Students find enrichment in self- directed activities, advance placement classes as well as in a variety of athletic and club activities.

The Shawano School District provides an environment which allows students to learn, grow, and succeed. Our schools have established clear expectations for our students and take active steps to teach, model and reinforce these behaviors school wide holding all students accountable for their actions. Upon graduation, students leave Shawano School District with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in work and life. The Shawano School District students are our focus, our purpose and our BEST ambassadors of responsible citizenship.

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Randi Anderson
District Administrator


District Administrator

Randi Anderson, District Administrator

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