Boys' Swim Program Policies & Expectations


Welcome to the 2019-20 boys swim season. The goal of this team is to work hard, be successful in competition and to have fun.

Team Rules:

Everyone that tries out for the team will remain with the team provided that they adhere to the rules and meet the expectations of team members.

All team members must adhere by the following rules:

Be on time to all practices.

Be on the pool deck at 3:50 PM ready to swim.

Be on time to all home meets. Arrive 1 hour before the meet begins (4:30 PM)

Behave in a dignified manner. No swearing or demeaning comments will be tolerated. Any acts of unsportsmanlike conduct will also not be allowed. THIS INCLUDES SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNICATION.

Bullying or hazing will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal from the team.

Horseplay or any unsafe conduct on the pool deck or locker room is not allowed. Respect the lifeguard(s) at all times.

All swim athletes MUST be out of the locker room within 20 minutes from the end of practice. No goofing around and no lingering.

You may not change or reduce the daily workout. If there is a concern that requires an adjustment you must speak with a coach first.

You may not go to the athletic trainer without speaking to a coach first.

Wear slacks, button up shirt and tie (optional) to school on meet days. All parts of the District Code of Conduct will be enforced.



Unacceptable behavior can and will result in immediate dismissal from the pool area. Any infraction regarding team rules constitutes unacceptable behavior.

First offense: Warning with notification to parents.

Second offense: Suspension from next meet, report to athletic director.

Third offense: Dismissal from team



Team captain(s) will be chosen by vote on a regular basis. As coaches we expect captain(s) to fulfill certain expectations. At the beginning of each week an electronic vote will be conducted to determine the captains for that week.

The expectations for a captain are:

First one on the pool deck at every practice

Helping and directing pool set up and/or take down (lane lines, water bottles, etc.)

Encourages teammates during practice and meets.

Does not argue with coaches about workouts or event assignments for a meet.

Takes the workout seriously and makes sure to complete all parts of it.

Takes time to offer instruction or critique to others in a positive manner.

Leads the team at meets by exhibiting good sportsmanship and being competitive.

The first election will be held at the 11/25 practice. The following elections will occur on every Monday starting 12/2. This will continue through the entire season.


Lettering policy:

Earning a Varsity letter will be dependent on the athlete's performance and attendance.

Criteria for this includes:

Total of varsity points earned during meets.

Athlete exhibits a positive attitude at all times and is a good team member.

Willingness to adhere to rules, practice programs, and meet assignments (events).

Attend all practices. Any excused absences must be reported to the coach by a parent.

Unexcused absences or repeated tardiness will affect your ability to letter.

An unexcused absence of a meet will affect your ability to letter. You must compete at the conference meet (unless you are excused due to injury)

Refusal to compete in assigned events at any meet will affect your ability to letter.


Team Awards:

Awards will be voted on by all members of the team at the end of the season.

Captains Award - The athlete that most exemplifies the qualities of a leader as determined by the other team members over the course of the season.

Most Improved - The athlete that shows the largest gain in abilities and shows success in competition.

Coaches Award (2 available) - As determined by the coaches (and nominated by the team members) athletes that show exceptional commitment to the team and their role on the team. This award is for those that stand out from their peers over the course of the season.

Most Valuable - The athlete that makes the largest contribution to the team success by way of points scored and/or his personal impact on the morale and strength of the team as a whole.