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Coronavirus Information

This webpage is intended to share information regarding the Coronavirus disease.  As the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) share more information about the Coronavirus, we will update this webpage with the information. 

We want you to know that we are regularly in contact with the Shawano County Health Department.  Our school nurses work alongside school administrators to plan and respond to emerging communicable disease concerns following the guidance of the public health department and CDC recommendations.  

Shawano School District COVID 19 Information

1/11/2021 - Shawano School District  - 14 Day Quarantine Remains In Effect

In December 2020 the CDC released information on options for shortening the 14 day quarantine period to 7 or 10 days if certain requirements are met. DHS guidance indicates that these alternative quarantine options can only be used when proper distancing (6 feet) and other measures like masking can be maintained for the full 14 days.  Therefore, the Shawano School District continues to require a full 14 day quarantine for students who have been exposed to someone with Covid.

CDC Indicators & Thresholds for Risk of Introduction & Transmission of COVID-19 in Schools.

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COVID 19 Update November 25, 2020

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