Dance Policies and Expectations

Dancer Expectations 

Shawano Community High School Varsity Dance 2019 - 2020

As a SCHS Dance Team Participant… 

Dancers understand they will be required to attend all? scheduled practices, performances, scheduled sporting events, pep rallies, team meetings, and other functions or duties designated by the head coach. Failure to do so may result in removal from the team, unless excused by the head coach. 

Dancers have no current health or physical conditions, which would hinder my ability to perform as a SCHS Dancer or which might cause performing as an SCHS Dancer to be unsafe to my health or the health and well-being of my teammates. Dancers understand they need to complete a physical examination. 


Dancers understand they are agreeing to WINTER - SPRING season commitment (2018-2019). They understand that if Ithey choose to participate in another sport during the dance season, I must work with both coaches to create a possible schedule that coordinates with both sports. 

Being a SCHS Dancer is a personal commitment of my non-academic time. They understand that, with the exception of academics, my commitment to the SCHS Dance Program will take priority to other non-academic organizations unless prior approval has been granted. Furthermore, They understand that last minute appearances/events may arise in which the dancer must be present (playoff games etc). 

The SCHS Dancers play an important role in representing the school and its athletic program. As such, they will always know that they are an official representative of the Shawano Community High School, its students, faculty, staff, alumni, and dance program. they will always conduct themseves in a manner to uphold that character, tradition, integrity, and spirit of Shawano Community High School. They agree to follow any rules the head coach sets and understand that any disobedience or problems can result in the removal from the team. They agree to follow all safety guidelines deemed necessary by the head coach.

Dancers understand that they or their parents must maintain an email account and check it for any information regarding dance. Failure to check for information will not be used as an excuse.

Dancers understand that dance is a team sport. If they do have any concerns throughout the season, they must present these concerns to the head coach immediately. Dancers will share any concerns with the dance program to the head coach first and allow the coach to recognize and address my concerns. 

Dancers understand and accept that not meeting the requirements listed above can result in my disqualification from the SCHS dance team.