District Departments

Welcome to the Shawano School District! The district has departments who support the district, community, staff, students and superintendent.


Buildings and Grounds

Shawn Mathwich, Director of Buildings and Grounds

In charge of overall maintenance and cleaning of the schools and property of the District. Supervise 31 district and contracted service personnel. 


Curriculum and Instruction

Director of Personalized Learning

Partners with teachers and principals to design and implement high quality learning experiences for all students through an innovative and comprehensive curriculum.


Pupil Services

Tom Dechant, Director of Pupil Services

Oversees school counseling, nursing, psychology, social work and Special Education services, with the overall goal to address and remove all barriers to learning for students. Our team provides comprehensive services necessary to support student development in academic, career, and personal/social areas.  


Business Office

Denise Guex, Director of Finance

The Finance Department is responsible for managing the District's overall accounting and financial reporting. Some of these responsibilities are listed below.

  • safeguarding the District's assets

  • monitoring internal controls

  • determining long and short term borrowing needs


Human Resources

Nicole Hartlaben, Director of Human Resources

Serves as a strategic partner in support of the academic mission of the Board of Education. We seek to attract a staff who are committed to engaging and inspiring our student population. 


Community Education

Robyn Shingler, Director of Community Education

Supports schools and students by coordinating communication with families, staff, and our community. It is our vision to engage, connect, and inspire staff, parents, and community through trusted, creative, two-way communication.

You will find opportunities to develop a new skill, become an artist, learn new crafts, cultivate your gardens, enhance your health, learn about local history, develop musical talents, learn dance/yoga/run/swim, and discover other hidden talents and abilities!


Department of Technology Services

Ben Brazeau, Instructional Technology Coordinator

Eric Brunner, Network Systems Manager

The Department of Instructional Technology is committed to supporting the district’s vision through its efforts to provide students with reliable access to technology and instructors who are trained in best practices of technology integration to ensure a learning environment focused on experiences that prepare students to be leaders.