Girls' Basketball Program Policies & Expectations

Welcome to SCHS Girls Basketball. What follows is a guide of what our coaching staff feels is essential for you and your parents to commit to in order for this program to begin a winning tradition. If you can do this we will win and have fun doing so! Players and Parents please read this carefully before deciding to join our team.


1. Coaching Philosophy

  • FUN – damentals

  • All teams are 1 unified program

  • Changing the culture

  • Open Door Policy – Players first then parents

2. Expectations

  • Take pride in being a Shawano athlete

  • Willingness to be coached, nothings personal. We're all trying to be the best we can

  • Expect to Win

  • Win together – lose together

  • Respect your opponents, officials, coaches and teammates

  • Practice and play hard at all times, never give up, and compete everyday for spots

3. Rules

  • Abide by Code of Conduct

  • Golden Rule

  • Be Early not just On Time

  • No Unexcused Practices – Be Responsible

  • No Phone calls during games, practices or bus rides

  • Bus for game leaves at designated time with or without you

  • Dress Code

4. Lettering

  • Must suit up for 6 Varsity games, tournaments count as a game

  • Coach's discretion

5. My Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns about our policies or philosophy please contact me at the info above. Let's make this a great season and the coaching staff would like to thank you for your support. Go Hawks!