Juggling Club

Not all good jugglers are good soccer players BUT all good soccer players are good jugglers. 


What is juggling? 

Juggling is a skill that requires keeping the ball in the air for as long as possible. When juggling, a player will use their head, chest, thighs and/or feet to keep the ball in the air. 

Why is juggling important? 

Agility is a natural partner to balance, but it is being able to keep your balance while performing the skill in motion. Juggling can help players improve their agility especially if they work in pairs or challenge their individual skills. Juggling will help with three key things. 

  • Ball control 

  • Receiving the ball 

  • Comfort on the ball 

How does juggling help ball control? 

Juggling will improve your touch. It will help you in controlling the ball well which in turn helps a bit to improve short touch dribbling. Once your feet are accustomed to a ball it will improve control and dribbling. 

Tips for juggling

  1. Move past frustration

  2. You will have a breakthrough

  3. Kick the ball high

  4. use differentparts of the feet 

  5. use your thigh and head

  6. use backspin to improve 

  7. stop counting consecutive juggles 

  8. juggle with friends 

  9. have fun 


Club Members

Join Juggling Club: 

An athletes "score" is the number of juggles they get in a row. There are 7 different categories with 7 different corresponding scores that are listed in the tables below. As students reach each milestone they will demonstrate this by recording on an unedited video or demonstrating to a coach (non-relative). Then they may follow the following verification process. Any Shawano athlete currently enrolled in the Shawano School District is welcome to participate. 

  1. Verify your score

    • Record your score on an unedited video 

    • Have a coach watch you juggle 

  2. Submit your score 

    • Email your score to brooksa@shawanoschools.com

    • Include the

      • Coach who verified your score or the unedited video of you juggling 

      • Name

      • Age

      • Score

      • Date