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WSPEI - Wisconsin Statewide Parent-Educator Initiative

Support for Families of Students with Disabilities

It is not easy for parents today to navigate the school system with the ever changing rules, policies, and procedures.  Unfamiliar educational language is often used and sometimes parental and student expectations are not clearly communicated.  The educational system is even more confusing when you are a parent of a child with a disability.  The stress of trying to understand all of the educational jargon and special education services offered may cause parents to give up the partnership that is so desperately needed in education.   


The Wisconsin Statewide Parent-Educator Initiative (WSPEI) was developed to do help families of students with disabilities understand the school and special education systems.  WSPEI helps families to build strong partnerships with their child’s educational team for their child’s benefit.  It helps remove the stressful barriers that often may exist between home and school. 


WSPEI can provide the following services parents:


 •Individual family support

 •Strategies to navigate the school system

 •Access to free electronic or hard copy educational materials

 •Connect to other parents and organizations

 •Provide educational opportunities to learn how to participate in their child’s development and learning

 •Information about options if you disagree with a decision of the school


Please check out the WSPEI website at:  You will find free training/learning opportunities that come up through the year via webinars as well. 


To reach WSPEI toll-free, call 1-877-844-4925 | E-mail:



Communication Options for Families

Options Available if You Have Questions or Disagree with a Decision of the School