Shawano School District


Need Assistance?

Please use the buttons below to navigate to the desired area for assistance.

Maintenance Requests please following the instructions below to access SchoolDude. New Staff in order to use this system, you will need to register by creating an account.

Follow these instructions to Register your account. The directions will download as a PDF.

Technology Requests we are transitioning to a new help desk system. To access please click the link here and click Login to create a ticket or view the status of previously created tickets. You can also click the Technology Support Requests button below.

Maintenance Requests

Buildings and Grounds Department

We are here to address any building and grounds needs from grass cutting to lighting, plumbing and electrical to heating and cooling. In order for us to address any issues you MUST complete a work order.

Please fill out the maintenance request by using the Work Order System link above. We will prioritize them to get them completed in the most effective and efficient manner.

In an emergency please still fill out a request after contacting Shawn Mathwich at

  • Radio channel 5

  • Extension 8011

  • Phone 920-344-2728

Response Times

Your expected response time will vary depending on technician workload and the priority established by Facilities Management. Higher priority designations are based on potential damage to District property, fire and life-safety issues, and impact to business and academic operations. Technician workload is subject to district events and activities, weather events and staffing levels. The lowest priority designations will be addressed based on workload.

Technology Support Requests

Technology Services Department

We are dedicated to providing students, and staff with the utmost efficiency and care when it comes to all technology needs. We provide support for on student and staff devices, computer labs, and more. We are here to help! 

If you need assistance, please click the Help Desk System above and complete a work order ticket.

Technology Software Requests

App/Online Resource Request

Do you have an app, or online (web based) resource you would like to use in your learning environment?

Please click on the App/Online Resource Request link above and submit your request for review.

The first step before submitting any resource request is to discuss the request with your building admin.

If the resource needs to be purchased, please identify the budget area/code that will be used (building, special education, Title, etc.).

Once you have admin approval, and necessary budget information, please complete the form to submit your request.