The Hawk Way

Learning, Living, Leading The Hawk Way

Be Respectful

Take pride in your work. Share your positive energy. Be a great listener. 

Be Responsible

Show integrity. Model good behaviors. Be open to critical conversations. Be an inspiration.

Be Safe

Take care of yourself and others. Be reflective. Foster positive relationships. 

And Be Your Best!


District Vision

All Shawano School District students will be prepared with the skills and knowledge to achieve excellence.


District Mission

Shawano School District students will experience education by Learning, Living, and Leading the Hawk Way: 

  • Students will be actively engaged and challenge themselves in the learning process.

  • Staff will reach and inspire all students by seeking and utilizing best practices. 

  • The Shawano School Board and community will support the learning process and lead our district in providing the necessary resources for student success.

District Beliefs Statements

  1. We believe a quality education demands a quality, reflective staff dedicated to continuous improvement. 

  2. We believe all students can learn and excel. 

  3. We believe our schools enhance the quality of life in our community. 

  4. We believe a home/school/community partnership with effective communication is essential in providing each student the support and resources to be successful.

  5. We believe diversity challenges family, school, and community to be responsible to individual needs and enhances the learning experience.

  6. We believe students learn best when provided a learning environment focused on being respectful, responsible and safe.

  7. We believe we inspire students to contribute to society as knowledgeable, responsible, and cultured citizens. 

  8. We believe that positive relationships are a foundation of successful schools.

  9. We believe that individuals have the ability to create change and must quickly adapt to educational changes. 

  10. We believe a commitment to continuous improvement, and to personal and organizational accountability is essential to the educational process. 

District Guiding Principles

  1. Make conscientious  and sustainable budget decisions based on the district mission and vision. 

  2. The Shawano School District Board of Education will strive to provide compensation packages to attract and retain a high quality staff. 

  3. Board of Education and Administration will strive to provide staff with professional development opportunities that enhance student learning. 

  4. All teaching staff will use best instructional practices and current resources to achieve student learning objectives. 

  5. We will aggressively incorporate proven technology in the educational and learning process. 

  6. We are committed to the Continuous Improvement Model and the use of data in evaluating programs and decision making.

  7. Extra-curricular programs will be robust and diverse to promote well-rounded student experiences and leadership opportunities.