Free COVID Testing available in Shawano, WI.
3 months ago, Robyn Shingler
Shawano County Free COVID Testing
Shawano Community Education classes are suspended from Sept. 28 through October 25, 2020. Currently, we are planning to resume classes on October 26th. We are reaching out to all students and instructors at this time! Thank you for your patience!
3 months ago, Robyn Shingler
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Shawano School District has worked to provide support to families with no home internet access. Those efforts include the purchase and distribution of hotspot devices. We recognize that there are still needs beyond what we were able to support with hotspots, The district has worked to extend the WIFI signal beyond the district office and middle school buildings into the parking lots. We will be marking these areas where the WIFI signal is strongest. The District Office and Middle School were chosen because they allowed the greatest parking access close to the building to maximize WIFI signal. In addition to the school district's efforts, the city has worked with the parks department to establish WIFI access in parks. Please see attached maps of the locations.
4 months ago, Shawano School District
WIFI Access Maps
Shawano School District is excited to announce the launch of its new website and app. The app is ready to download now. The site will be updated on Friday evening. Android - iPhone UPDATE: Android link has been corrected.
4 months ago, Shawano School District
Website Announcement
The school library has curbside pickup available for e-learners. Go to the Media Center page of the website, browse our Destiny online card catalog and put the books you would like to reach on hold. Once the books are available, the library aide will reach out to you via phone or email to schedule a time for curbside pickup. Happy Reading!
4 months ago, Library News
curbside pickup
Catch up with the latest student stories, sports scores, and news updates. It’s everything Shawano Hawks, in your pocket. Download the app on Android: or iPhone:
4 months ago, Ben Brazeau
High School Sports have returned this fall with a new way for fans to watch the events. We are utilizing Facebook Live to stream events, and will be installing cameras in the Field House and Stadium to add more options in the near future.
4 months ago, Ben Brazeau
sports collage
Little Hawks Playgroup announces dates for the 2020-21 school year.
4 months ago, Ben Brazeau
Little Hawks brochure
Welcome Back Hawks! School is back in session and we are so happy to see our students back with us.
4 months ago, Ben Brazeau